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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide helpful information and clarifications for partners who may have inquiries about the way we can collaborate.

Yes, we use CellExpert, this efficient tracking system allows you to keep an eye on the trading activities of your referred users, offering real-time feedback into your day-to-day performance.

We calculate commissions based on pre-agreed plans.

We provide a thorough support package including valuable guidance, marketing material, income calculator and much more. We welcome corporate IBs to work together on FTDs and/or retention.

We pay our affiliates according to a pre-set schedule, offering an absolute transparent payout method.

No, our program is open to all individuals across the globe, but the supply is limited based on the referrals residency or nationality.

Even though there are no strict requirements, a background in finance or a related field is beneficial. However, we welcome everyone with an enthusiasm for financial services.

While there isn’t a maximum threshold, there is a minimum threshold for payment requests. The Min. is $250 USD.

We don’t rely on cookies for tracking, but in equivalent terms we do life time.

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