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Static Banners

We regularly update our Partners Area with static banners.
To save you from incurring extra hosting costs, all banners are hosted on our servers. Simply copy and paste the specific URL code of your chosen banner, and it will immediately appear in your desired location.

Furthermore, all banners include tracking links with your unique partner ID embedded within them.

All banners are hosted on our servers to prevent you from having to pay additional hosting fees. Just copy and paste the URL code of the banner you choose, and it will instantly display in your preferred location.

Additionally, all our flash banners come with tracking links containing your unique Partner ID.

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Custom Tracking Links

Customize your links to direct to any page of your choice on WRC1.

Easily customize your tracking links to direct traffic to specific pages on the WRC1 website, enhancing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

With our custom links, you can target your audience with precision and maximize your performance effortlessly.

We make it easy for you to maximize your performance.

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Pre-made Landing Pages

Buy a domain, upload the HTML and you’re ready to go

If you want to direct visitors to our own landing pages, WRC1 is here to assist!

Contact your account manager to request a pre-made HTML Landing Page with your links already included. Once you upload the HTML onto your site, you’ll be all set.

Our team is available to support you throughout the process if needed.

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We offer custom requests for assets

If you require a specific promotional tool that is not mentioned above, please reach out to us so our account managers can assist in customizing the tools necessary for your business to efficiently utilize WRC1. We examine all requests on a case by case base, we are here to discuss your needs, requirements, and suggestions to ensure that your business model can operate effectively with our platform.

Our Payment Methods

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